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What We Do


Our Mission

Our job as  attorneys is to help. Legal issues arise every day and can have a profound impact on our lives, family, finances, and our freedom. Sagal Law, LLC was founded on the principle that effective legal representation is the result of effective problem solving. In all the matters we handle, Sagal Law, LLC takes a logical, thought-based approach to addressing our clients’ legal needs and helping them obtain their goals. We provide our clients with the information and ability to weigh their own options with clarity so they may make their own important choices about their businesses and lives.

Sagal Law adapts to our clients’ cases and our clients’ legal needs. Every client who comes to our office seeking legal representation is different. Every legal matter carries with it its own complexities that must be faced and addressed in order to meet the client’s goals. We are comfortable with complexity. We confront complexity with advanced legal research, analysis and comprehensive investigation that allows us to give sound advice and provide our clients with viable paths to success.

Sagal Law honestly advises our clients. We are both advocates and counselors. We believe that trust is the essential ingredient for a successful attorney-client relationship. We advise our clients based on what we know (not what we pretend to know), what we actually believe (not what we think our clients want us to say), and what we realistically can accomplish for them. Our clients benefit from a focused, no-nonsense approach.

Sagal Law collaborates and builds teams.  We believe that the best results often come from extensive collaboration and brainstorming.   We pride ourselves on building the right team to meet the particular needs of a case. We co-counsel with other lawyers and firms when the need arises. We regularly consult with specialists in their particular fields at issue in the matter. If the matter requires and the budget allows, we retain experts to help us analyze issues and if necessary explain complex scientific and technical principles to a fact-finder.

Sagal Law is an experienced litigation firm. If a client finds itself in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding, our case development and preparation methods have allowed us to obtain significant results for clients at settlement, in alternative dispute resolution, and at trial in a huge array of cases pending in numerous types of forums. Our intense study of the particular subject matter and the law at issue in a matter enable us to present our client’s cases in a straightforward way that the fact-finder can understand.

Sagal Law sets goals. We understand that the legal process is often difficult, long, and foreign to many. Our attorneys take the time to explain the process to our clients and work with them to set near-term and long-term goals that can be met. We also understand that circumstances often change, even in the course of a pending case, and we remain flexible enough to revisit and revise plans if necessary.

Sagal Law embraces creativity. Precedent and experience are of course vital to the practice of law. Nevertheless, we believe innovation has a place in the practice of law as much as other professional and life endeavors. Innovation – in crafting agreements, in negotiating settlements, in preparing and presenting cases at trial – can be the difference in whether a project is successful or not.

Sagal Law specializes in….legal solutions. To be sure, there are many specialties of practice within the law that require specialized knowledge and expertise. However, we believe that our methods of practice are applicable to many areas of the law and many different types of legal issues. Our experience in areas as varied as contracts, business torts, domestic relations, criminal law, real estate, mining, insurance, and natural resources has given us a broad base of knowledge within which to analyze a client’s particular issue. We think of our “specialty” as our use of analytical and advocacy skills to help clients navigate through their particular legal issues and obtain successful outcomes.